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Fully equipped metal fabrication workshop with a range of services across projects of any size.

Structural steel, manufacture, new builds and maintenance for mild, medium and heavy steel.


We offer a a range of welding services both on-site and in the workshop

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding takes more skill and coordination than other forms of welding. It offers superior strength and better aesthetics for thin or special materials like aluminum and titanium prevalent in aviation, aerospace and sheet metal industries.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is the go-to for general welding projects. Quality welds and allowance for longer runs provides a welding process that's quick and consistent.

ARC (stick) welding is effective for structural work that involves large pieces and heavy gauge metals prominent in shipbuilding, construction and farming.​

Agnew Construction CNC Precision Brake Press

GUILLOTINE cutting capacity 3200mm x 6.5mm

CNC PRESS BRAKE precision bend & fold 135 ton3200mm x 6mm

PIPE BENDER bends up to 70mm diameter & beyond for special projects

PUNCH & SHEAR 80 ton capacity - 50mm

BANDSAW capacity 500 x 200

Agnewb Construction Fabrication_edited.jpg
Agnew Construction Bandsaw
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